Scott Bramley

Pianist - Singer - Composer - Arranger


Take a listen to a selection of Scott's original compositions below via his showreel, available in either audio or video formats.

Below that you can find the full audio tracks and more information regarding their composition with projects including Podcasts, Film cues, TV Themes, Documentaries, Computer Games, Commercial and Corporate Videos.

If you'd like to get in touch with Scott to discuss a project or for a free no obligation quote please email or call +44 (0)7710 497 127 or get in touch via twitter or facebook (see contact page for details).


Latest From Scott Bramley

A selection of cues for the film Cyborg Invasion: The Matt Preston Files


Fantasy, action, emotive and world influenced cues



These cues were written to picture for a student film project


Computer Games

Game Jam 2019

The following loops were written as a project for a racing game holding page, with three variations on a theme for North American (Rock), British (Dub-step) and European (Trance) racing tracks



The following was written as an opening theme for the Fan Film Boyz Podcast

An opening theme for a cookery program exploring cuisines from around the world with Spanish and Indonesian beds based on the same theme


Documentary Style

An opening sequence for a wildlife documentary set in Africa followed by a cue for a hippo sequence from the same project both written to picture

A piece written for the opening sequence of a documentary project exploring various aspects of the natural world - mountains, forests, deserts and oceans



A track written to picture for a commercial project


Corporate Video

Written to brief for a corporate video project, this cue was written to be used with video showing furnaces and heavy industry


Animation Style

A little project for my own amusement setting the classic Night Before Christmas to music